This show pays Tribute to Eric Clapton from his early years to present.


Music Eric recorded with the Yardbirds, John Mayall, Cream, Derek & the Domino’s, Blind Faith, BB King & Freddie King to his solo material.


The All-Star Band that has decades of touring & recording experience.


Each player brings passion & virtuosity to the classic music of Clapton.


The show spotlights each players interpretation of the classic songs recorded from the early 60’s to present day hits.


Vintage instruments are used to create the famous guitar tones of Eric Clapton.


 A must see night of talent from the best musicians of Las Vegas.

"Live "  No studio tricks

1. Old Love ( Journeyman 1989)                                                                        6. I shot the Sheriff (461 Ocean Boulevard 1974)
2. Cocaine ( Slowhand 1977)                                                                             7. Wonderful Tonight ( Slowhand 1977)
3. Runnin' on Faith (Unplugged 1992)                                                                8. Crossroads ( Cream 1968)
4.Tears in Heaven (Sound Track to "Rush" 1992)                                               9. Layla (Unplugged 1992)
5. Before you Accuse Me (Journeyman 1989)                                                   10. I'm Tore Down (From the Cradle 1994)